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We rank hundreds of keywords for our clients on the first page of the Google search engine including Maidstone SEO for this site – and these keywords get 1000’s of searches month in month out.

The good news for you is that as a premier Maidstone SEO company we can do the same for your business – no matter if you are a local small business looking to target specific areas or if you are a national business looking to target the whole of the UK – we can help you dominate your competition.

Business is Good in Maidstone and all over the Kent area and if you are not ranking on the first page of the Google search results then you are missing out on a big piece of pie.

Did you know that Google raked in over $40 BILLION in 2013 from advertisers – all that money was to get the word out for their business, and we can get you the same high quality visitors that businesses pay Google a fortune for at a fraction of the cost.

In addition we can provide you with high quality web design / re-design, online marketing consulting and a ton more.

If you have a company or business in Maidstone Kent, SEO services are now, more than ever, absolutely essential in helping your business to grow and prosper. SEO has been incorporated into the majority of large businesses online advertising for a long time now, but many small businesses are not totally clear on the benefits of online advertising, let alone the importance of SEO, but in today’s ever expanding online world they do need to explore their SEO options in order to ensure maximum visibility for their business or product.

Google isn’t the only search engine on the block – I’m sure you are aware of Bing & yahoo search engines too and with every new windows PC and laptop being sold, the Bing search is installed as standard  default – therefore now growing in popularity and taking a larger slice of the search engine pie. It is important now to have a correctly managed SEO campaign for your website so that you rank highly in all the search engines and not just one – I can do this for you.

Search engines are the way that most people find out information on the Internet – you type in a word or phrase that you want to find websites relating to and search engine optimization helps those results be relevant for the search term / keywords used.

So If you want to be #1 in the real Google search engines, pick up the phone and give me a call.

The Importance of SEO to a Business?

Due to the fact that most people surfing the internet rely on search engines to find both services and products, it only makes sense to have an SEO campaign as part of your online marketing strategy as this is the key way that people will find you online and for a small business this can have a big impact on growing your business by increasing product or service sales.

Some small business owners have a hard time not only understanding what is involved in SEO but trusting a company to perform the task properly and effectively due to previous claims made to them by a few random shady SEO companies that didn’t deliver on their promise.

We understand that the world of SEO can sound over complex and to be honest – it is a complex subject, but that should not put anybody off of moving forward and initiating a well planned and executed SEO campaign for their business.

So let us take a look at some of the benefits of using a Maidstone SEO company

Increase in Search Engine Rankings

So you enter a search term in the search engine and it returns a list of websites that should relate to what you are looking for, you then look through the list and usually settle for one on the first page – usually one of the first few showing – Here’s a picture that shows the percentage of clicks you are likely to get depending on the position you are on the page, so you can see that if you really want the lions share of the traffic then you really have to be, not only on the first page of the Google rankings, but in the top 3 at least.

Top Tips from Maidstone SEO Company

There are a lot of factors playing a part on why those websites were listed on the first page of results including website content and URL structure and the type and quality “ off page “ optimization – commonly known as “ Backlinks “ – only once all these elements have been properly utilised and balanced will you get good results in the search engines, and then you will start to see the traffic on your site which if your site is set up correctly will lead to increased sales of products or services.

Staying On The 1st Page Long Term

Search engine optimization can make sure that your site rankings stay ahead of the competition for a long time, making sure that your prospective customers can find your site in the future. The effect of a Good SEO campaign will ensure your continued internet presence.

Brand Awareness

If nobody had heard of your services or products, you wouldn’t sell much would you. Well ultimately that is what SEO is for – making sure that people know about your business and what you do.

Even if the initial response doesn’t lead to huge sales, it is undoubtedly great for business in the long run. Brand Recognition nearly always brings with it more sales of your services or products as it becomes more trusted and more familiar – the traffic on your website then starts to generate consistent sales.

Affordable Costs and a High Return On Investment

Every marketing campaign of any sort whether it is newspaper, yellow pages, magazine, radio, TV etc comes with its own costs and budget, and for most of the time advertising campaigns are costly – However SEO is a surgical instrument that ensures targeting of your budget and a great return on investment.

Enhancing Website Structure

Rebuilding or restructuring your website is all part of the overall search engine marketing game plan so that your website can become an authoritative source of information in its market place, providing your visitors with up to date informative and relevant information. Products and services sell better when integrated into a website designed for information and conversion and that is why working with our experienced web designers will enhance your visitors experience on your website and turn visitors into leads or sales.

Let our Maidstone SEO Company Get You Positioned Page 1

If you want to be #1 on the Google search engines, pick up the phone and give me a call  (Please Leave a message if I can’t answer) – Your No 1 Maidstone SEO Company

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